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NutriLife Clinics

HNFI's vision is to play a significant role in influencing the society to improve its nutritional well being. It does so by imparting Continuous Nutrition Education (CNE) through publication of journals, articles in the media and personal interaction.

NutriLife Clinics are a vital part of this initiative, where free consultation on nutrition and importance of following a healthy lifestyle is given to patients by leading nutritionists. The patients are counseled on general debility, weight loss, weight gain, malnutrition, obesity and life style diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension etc. People of all age groups are welcome to avail the services of the NutriLife Clinics. NutriLife Clinics also encourage group sessions for specific groups or specific topics for general groups.

NutriLife Clinics are currently available in Chennai and Delhi.


The Chennai Clinic started its operations in October 2008. Dr. Dharini Krishnan, Ph. D., R.D., and former National President of Indian Dietetic Association, is in-charge of the clinic. She has more than three decades of experience in personal diet counseling and gives talks, conducts workshops and writes articles in leading publications on Diet and Nutrition. She has created a valuable software called ‘DIGEST’ and a Google Application called ‘Nutritracs’ which calculates the calories and nutrients of foods with an Indian database. Apart from one-to-one consultations, on behalf of HNFI NutriLife Chennai Clinic, she also conducts nutrition workshops and gives lectures on nutrition at corporate offices, banks, public sector companies, schools and pre-schools by prior appointment.

You can book your appointment with Dr. Krishnan at


The NutriLife Clinic in Delhi is run by Ms. Neelanjana Singh, who is a Registered Dietician with over 30 years of experience in clinical practice. She has been associated with institutes such as AIIMS, PSRI Hospital, and SRBI in Delhi. She has also taught Nutrition at Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, for over 7 years. Ms. Neelanjana Singh is the President of the Indian Dietetics Association, Delhi Chapter. She also serves on the advisory board of some of the leading web portals on health and wellness. She has successfully conducted workshops on wellness across various organizations, which have been popular and are in great demand.

Ms. Neelanjana Singh has been a weekly health columnist for the Indian Express for over 3 years, and currently writes for several national newspapers, magazines and websites. She has also appeared on many television programmes on wellness.

At the NutriLife Clinic, Ms. Neelanjana Singh provides free counseling on a wide range of nutritional problems ranging from weight issues, diabetes, heart health, gastro and liver problems. The Clinic operates at 2 locations in North Delhi and South Delhi.

For an appointment, please call/SMS on
+91 9810742475 or drop an email to her at neelanjanasingh@gmail.com

You may also contact Ms. Neelanjana Singh for group consultations on-site for corporate offices, schools and other institutions such as old age homes, clubs etc.

Our Initiatives

School Health Camp

Objective: To create awareness among the school children and their parents on the right eating habits, and right lifestyle.

Sponsorship Of Nutritional Seminars & Conferences

HNFI has regular joint interactions with reputed nutritional bodies in the country like NFI, PENSA, CRNSS, Nutrition Departments of AIIMS and NIN.

Funding Research Projects

HNFI has Funded Original Research to promote innovative ideas and investigations in the field of nutrition. A research sub-committee of HNFI advises the foundation in providing research funds. Some of the projects funded by 'The Foundation' are

  • "Resistant Starch in Weaning Foods" at UDCT, Mumbai
  • "Nutritional value of Topical Oil Application in the Newborn" at KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune
  • "Assessment of Status of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in National Capital Territory of Delhi" at AIIMS, Delhi
  • "Potential Role of Dietary Nutrients Vitamin A and (PUFA) on Regulation of Development and / or Control of Obesity Using A Genetic Obese Mutant Rat Model (WNIN/GR-Ob) - Nutrients-Gene Interactions" at NIN Hyderabad
  • Effect of brown and minimally polished rice (2-3%) on 24hr blood glucose & insulin response among urban south Indian overweight and obese adults by Madras Diabetes Research Foundation ICMR Advanced Centre For Genomics of Type 2 Diabetes

Continued Nutrition Education

HNFI conducts Continued Nutrition Education Programmes (CNE). A special panel of Scientific Council Members contributes to this forum to spread nutritional knowledge, attitudes and practices of nutrition to the field level workers in the Department of Health and Nutrition. This program is on a high priority list of HNFI as it believes that training para-medical personnel and those associated with implementation of nutrition programmes, which are key areas that needs strengthening in our country. Developing comprehensive Nutrition Teaching Modules is a regular exercise at HNFI.

HNFI conducted a standalone seminar on "Workshop on sensitization of multi micro nutrient fortification with special focus on anemia" for a special audience pooled from the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. The programme was presided by Hon'ble Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Tamilnadu, and to inaugurate the State Level Workshop on Micronutrient Initiative were the three Directors of different disciplines under health Department.

NutriLife Clinics


Objective: To create awareness among the school children and their parents on the right eating habits, and the right lifestyle.
Schools interested to get these camps organized in their schools may please write to the concerned nutritionist in the city or Director, Heinz Nutrition Foundation India at p.jagannivas@in.hjheinz.com

  • Network with schools
  • Distribute a questionnaire to find out what are the existing practices of children in a particular section of the school population
  • Arrange a lecture for students and parents on topics like micronutrients, nutritional problems and the right eating habits through visual aids for classes from standard 7th to the 9th.
  • Points to be discussed in the lecture
  • Give data related to India and emphasize the need for this programme.
  • Overview of what children should eat.
  • Proposed foods to be given by parents in the lunch boxes to children.
  • Foods that should be stocked at the school canteen.
  • Importance of exercise and extracurricular activities.
  • Importance of exercise and extracurricular activities
  • Network with interested parents and conduct a pilot survey on the existing habits of children
  • Conduct a health camp Ht., Wt., Body fat analysis.
  • Give intervention to the group through parent volunteers
  • Review the same groups after 6 months to see whether any difference has occurred through the intervention

Sponsorship of Nutritional Seminars & Conferences

HNFI has regular joint interactions with reputed nutritional bodies in the country like NFI, PENSA, CRNSS, Nutrition Departments of AIIMS and NIN. Few of the programmes sponsored by HNFI are:

  • First World Congress - The Fetal Origins of Adult Disease - February, 2001
  • IX Asian Congress of Nutrition - February, 2003
  • IX Annual Conference - PENSA & ISPN - November, 2003
  • Nutrition in Medical Curriculum- April, 2004
  • Fifth Course, In Practical Pediatric Nutrition - March, 2005
  • National Conference of Pancreatology - July, 2005
  • IbconPedgastro - October, 2006
  • Nutrition foundation of India (NFI): Symposium on "National Nutrition Policy: Essential Elements" on June 27th and 28th 2008, at the India International Centre, New Delhi.
  • NUTRIFE[A]ST 2008: Conference by NSI and ISPEN
  • International Workshop on Micronutrients and Child Health on 20th - 23rd October, 2009, Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Auditorium, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

The Heinz Nutrition Foundation India (HNFI) is dedicated to conducting and funding nutrition research and imparting nutrition education so as to impact society and the well being of the emerging generation. Be it a health camp or a seminar, HNFI’s nutrition programs are aimed at enhancing lives through health and nutrition awareness.

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