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'In-Touch' is a quarterly Newsletter which carries articles of current interest to the nutrition and medical community. It regularly features distinguished authors who share their views on health and nutrition and provides readers with key insights derived from their expertise. 20,000 copies of In-Touch are circulated in India and its neighboring countries every quarter and the numbers are growing due to its popularity. It is available on request by writing to the Managing Editor of HNFI.

Heinz Nutrition Foundation India presents a set of CDs containing an archive of all the issues of In-Touch starting from the year 1997. The articles address mostly the problems faced in the Indian context. The articles cover a variety of topics like:

  • Import of macro and micro nutrients
  • Impact of nutrition in infant and child growth
  • Nutritional management of diabetes and other life style diseases
  • Nutritional management of deficiency syndromes anemia, goiter, etc.
  • Clinical, community and public health nutrition

You can subscribe to receive the future issues by sending in your request to the Managing Editor.

  • 1
    Vol.1 : No. 1
    Diarrohea - A Nutritional Disease
    By Dr. Bhaskar Raju
  • 2
    Vol.1 : No. 2
    Programmes for preventing Vitamin A Deficiency-Indian status
    By Dr. P. Bhaskaram
  • 3
    Vol.1 : No. 3
    Foetal Malnutrition and Adult Chronic Disease
    By Dr. Kamala Krishnaswamy
  • 4
    Vol.2 : No. 1
    Iron Deficiency and Health Consequences
    By Dr. K.N. Agarwal
  • 5
    Vol.2 : No. 2
    Complementary Feeding
    By Dr. Shanti Ghosh
  • 6
    Vol.2 : No. 3
    Iodine Deficiency Disorders:Health Consequences and Prevention
    By Dr. Umesh Kapil
  • 7
    Vol.2 : No. 4
    Zinc Deficiency
    By Dr. H.P.S. Sachdev
  • 8
    Vol.3 : No. 1
    First World Congress-Foetal Origins of Adult Disease
    By Dr. Caroline Fall
  • 9
    Vol.3 : No. 2
    Micro Nutrient Deficiency
    Dr. P. H. Ananthanarayanan
  • 10
    Vol.3 : No. 3
    Fluorosis:Early Detection and Management
    By Dr. A. K. Susheela
  • 11
    Vol.3 No. 4
    Vitamin D Deficiency & Metabolic Bone Disease in India
    By Dr. Kochupillai
  • 12
    Vol.4 No. 1
    Prebiotics and Probiotics- New Concepts in Nutrition & Health
    By Dr. A. Venkat Rao
  • 13
    Vol.4 No. 2
    Dietary Factors related to Gallstones
    By Dr. Rakesh K. Tandon
  • 14
    Vol.4 No. 3
    Nutritional support of hospitalized patients
    By Dr. Krishnana Sriram
  • 15
    Vol.4 No. 4
    Adolescence a critical period for nutritional intervention
    By Dr. P. Bhaskaram
  • 16
    Vol.5 No. 1
    Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in India Diet and their Clinical implications
    By Dr. Ghafoorunissa
  • 17
    Vol.5 No. 2
    Diet and Diabetes Mellitus
    By Dr. P. H. Ananthanarayanan
  • 18
    Vol.5 No. 3
    Relevance, Role & Requirements of Fats in Infant Nutrition
    By Dr. A. Vajreswari
  • 19
    Vol.5 No. 4
    Changing Nutrition Scene in South Asia
    By Dr. C. Gopalan
  • 20
    Vol.6 No. 1
    The Treatment of Childhood Obesity in India
    By Dr. Anand Pandit
  • 21
    Vol.6 No. 2
    Nourishing the brain-conquering laerning disabilities
    By Dr. P. H. Ananthanarayanan
  • 22
    Vol.6 No. 3
    Need for Change in Nutrition Component in Medical Curriculum
    By Dr. Prema Ramachandran
  • 23
    Vol.6 No. 4
    Food Allergies and Atopic Diseases
    By Dr. R. K Chandra
  • 24
    Vol.7 No. 1
    Diseases associated with Lifestyle and the Role of Fruits and Vegetables
    By Dr. David I. Yeung
  • 25
    Vol.7 No. 2
    Dietary Fat and Diet-Related Chronic Diseases: India Perspective
    By Dr. Ghafoorunissa
  • 26
    Vol.7 No. 3
    Impact of Junk Foods in Obesity and Nutritional Intake
    By Dr. J. S. Pai
  • 27
    Vol.7 No. 4
    Current Concepts in Nutritional Management of Short Bowel Syndrome
    By Sarath Gopalan
  • 28
    Vol.8 No. 1
    Multiple Articles (on Infant Nutrition)
    By Prof. Varsha,
    Dr. J.S. Pai,
    Dr. Y.K.Ambedkar
  • 29
    Vol.8 No. 2
    Combating Vitamin A Deficiency
    By Dr. Damyanti Corrapati
  • 30
    Vol.8 No. 3
    Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics in India
    By Dr. Y. S. Yajanik
  • 31
    Vol.8 No. 4
    Multiple Articles
    By Dr. A. Venkat Rao
  • 32
    Vol.9 No. 1
    Possible Solutions to the Poblem of Malnutrition In South Asian Region
    By Sarath Gopalan
  • 33
    Vol.9 No. 2
    Why Protiens: Nutritional Properties
    By Dr. J.S. Pai
  • 34
    Vol.9 No. 3
    Home Fortification: A Novel Way to Eliminate Micronutrient Deficiencies
    By Dr. David
  • 35
    Vol.9 No. 4
    Diebetic Complications and Dietary Factors
    By Dr. G. Bhanuprakash Reddy
  • 36
    Vol.11 No. 3
    From Science to Practice: Improving Iron Nutrition of the Indian Population
    By Subadra Seshadri
  • 37
    Vol.11 No. 4
    Food Additives and the Health Implications
    By Dr. J. S. Pai
  • 38
    Vol.12 No. 1
    Safe Food for All
    By Ramesh V Bhat
  • 39
    Vol.12 No. 2
    Choice of Cooking Oil- Striking the right Balance
    By Sushila Sharangdhar
  • 40
    Vol.12 No. 3
    Childhood Obesity in India
    By Dr. Jagmeet Madan
  • 41
    Vol.12 No. 4
    Role of Probiotcs and Prebiotics in Children
    By Dr. Shweta Rastogi
  • 42
    Vol.13 No. 1
    Recommended Dietary Allowances for Indians
    By B Sivakumar
  • 43
    Vol.13 No. 2
    Current Perspectives on Dietary Recommendations for the Management of Type 2 Diabetes in India
    By Dr. V Mohan, Shobhana S, Mookambika Ramya Bai r and Sudha V
  • 44
    Vol.13 No. 3
    Nutrition Management of Adolescent
    By Dr. Dharini Krishnan
  • 45
    Vol.13 No. 4
    Combating Iron Deficiency Anemia Amongst Young Children: A challenge to Scientific Community
    By Dr. Umesh Kapil
  • 46
    Vol.14 No. 1
    Nutritional Intervention in Inborn Errors of Metabolism
    By Dr Vidyut Bhatia
  • 47
    Vol.14 No. 2
    Importance of Zinc in Child Health
    By Dr Sunit Taneja
  • 48
    Vol.14 No. 3
    Childhood Obesity and its Prevention Strategies
    By Dr Avula Laxmaiah
  • 49
    Vol.15 No. 1
    Importance of Nutrition for Bariatric Patients
    By Dr M G Bhat
  • 50
    Vol.15 No. 2
    Importance of Glycemic Index Testing of Foods, Indian Context
    By Ms Sudha Vasudevan
  • 51
    Vol.15 No. 3
    InTouch Final Vol 15 No 3
    By Multiple Author
  • 52
    Vol.15 No. 4
    InTouch Final Vol 15 No 4
    By SubbaRao M Gavaravarapu
  • 53
    Vol.16 No. 1
    Nutrition and Cataract
    By G. Bhanuprakash Reddy
  • 54
    Vol.16 No. 2
    Vitamin D Deficiency in Pregnancy
    By Prema Ramachandran
  • 55
    Vol.16 No. 3
    Algal DHA Omega-3 For Brain, Heart and Eye Health
    By S. N. Srikanth
  • 56
    Vol.16 No. 4
    Nutrition Rehabilitation Of Children With Severe Acute Malnutrition
    By Dr Bharati Kulkarni
  • 57
    Vol.17 No. 1
    Milk, the Complete Food
    By Dr J. S. Pai
  • 58
    Vol.17 No. 2
    Multiple Articles
    By Multiple Author
  • 59
    Vol.17 No. 3
    Multiple Articles
    By Multiple Author
  • 60
    Vol.18 No. 1
    Multiple Articles
    By Multiple Author
  • 61
    Vol.18 No. 3
    Persistent Problem of Malnutrition in India
    By Dr. K. Vijayaraghavan
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    Calcium for Childrens growth
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    Diets Tips For the Rainy Season
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