Nutri Life Clinic


School Health Camp


Objective: To create awareness among the school children and their parents on the right eating habits, and right lifestyle.
Schools interested to get these camps organized in these schools may please write to the concerned nutritionist in the city or Director, Heinz Nutrition Foundation India at

  • Network with schools
  • Distribute a questionnaire to find out what are the existing practices of children in a particular section of the school population
  • Arrange a lecture to students and parents on topics like micronutrients, nutritional problems and right eating habits through visual aids for class 7th to 9th standard

Points to be discussed in the lecture

  • Give data related to India and emphasize the need for this programme.
  • Overview of what children should eat.
  • Proposed foods to be given by parents in the Lunch boxes to children.
  • Foods that should be stocked at the school canteen.
  • Importance of exercise and extracurricular activities
  • Network with interested parents and conduct a pilot survey on the existing habits of children
  • Conduct a health camp Ht., Wt., Body fat analysis.
  • Give intervention to the group through parent volunteers
  • Review the same groups after 6 months to see whether any difference has occurred through the intervention
Sponsorship of  nutritional seminars and conferences


HNFI has regular joint interactions with reputed nutritional bodies in the country like NFI, PENSA, CRNSS, Nutrition Departments of AIIMS and NIN. Few of the programmes sponsored by HNFI are:

  • First World Congress – The Fetal Origins of Adult Disease – February, 2001
  • IX Asian Congress of Nutrition – February, 2003
  • IX Annual Conference – PENSA & ISPN – November, 2003
  • Nutrition in Medical Curriculum- April, 2004
  • Fifth Course, In Practical Pediatric Nutrition – March, 2005
  • National Conference of Pancreatology – July, 2005
  • Ibcon Pedgastro – October, 2006
  • Nutrition foundation of India (NFI): Symposium on “National Nutrition Policy: Essential Elements” on June 27th and 28th 2008, at the India International Centre, New Delhi.
  • NUTRIFE[A]ST 2008: Conference by NSI and ISPEN
  • International Workshop on Micronutrients and Child Health on 20th - 23rd October, 2009, Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Auditorium, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi