Research Funding

HNFI had Funded Original Research to promote innovative ideas and investigations in the field of nutrition. A research sub-committee of HNFI advises the foundation in providing research funding in India. Though the research funds is limited, HNFI is proud of the investigators associated with such work. Some of the nutrition research projects funded by ‘The Foundation’ are

Research Funding
  • “Resistant Starch in Weaning Foods” at UDCT, Mumbai
  • Nutritional value of Topical Oil Application in the Newborn” at KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune
  • Assessment of Status of Iodine Deficiency Disorders in National Capital Territory of Delhi” at AIIMS, Delhi
  • Potential Role of Dietary Nutrients Vitamin A and (PUFA) on Regulation of Development and / or Control of Obesity Using A Genetic Obese Mutant Rat Model (WNIN/GR-Ob) – Nutrients-Gene Interactions” at NIN Hyderabad
  • Effect of brown and minimally polished rice (2-3%) on 24hr blood glucose & insulin response among urban south Indian overweight and obese adults by Madras Diabetes Research Foundation ICMR Advanced Centre For Genomics of Type 2 Diabetes